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The team at Florida DEF knows that every mile your trucks drive cost money and that each mile adds up. Florida DEF can help your business via their unique scanning system which will precisely manage and track all DEF usage, including where, when and what truck.

The scanning system allows for a secure transaction between your truck (not the driver) and the Florida DEF team member. This is logged through a secure communication that is backed up on a web-based database. This allows us to provide informational reports such as when DEF was delivered, which truck was replenished, and a complete breakdown of gallons delivered per vehicle.

Overall, the scanning technology is a great tool not only for Florida DEF, but for you the business owner as well.


Technology solutions provided by Florida DEF, ensure complete accuracy for all aspects related to diesel exhaust fluid replenishment. The replenishment process is totally secure, meaning that only authorized vehicles are dispensed DEF. Everything used to achieve the delivery (time dispensed, number of gallons, driver, truck number) is tracked in real-time. This unique technology transmits the information, providing transaction and data detail and accounts for every drop of fluid so nothing is wasted, including time, money and resources.

Florida DEF is committed to your company’s success. We handle everything about the replenishment system, so you don’t have to manage it yourself.

Overall, Florida DEF’s state-of-the-art technology is used to help meet the needs of a demanding and ever-growing fleet industry, without adding any additional work. Our customer service team is always available to ensure you have only the best experience and the most accurate reports.